Sunday, October 26, 2014

LOOKBOOK: All wrapped up in a garden of fields.

Topshop tank top, Love, Bonito midi skirt

I have been literally wearing this Topshop tank top to death on the weekends. The cotton isn't paper thin and it goes well with just about everything, like this very pretty and cheery skirt by everyone's favourite Love, Bonito. It was one of those 'OMG, I MUST HAVE IT NOW.' item, and I would have got the shorter version, in green, if it weren't so short. Anyway, when I wear this, I feel like I'm in a cocoon of fresh grass, pretty blooms and sunshine. *blissful face*

I have been looking at a bunch of clothes lately, as I play 'Friends' in the background. Heh. Too many pretties, too many sales. And things get even sweeter when there are sales, on top of sales. Like these awesome ASOS and Zalora coupons which you can find at CupoNation. 2014 is coming to an end after all. We have worked hard, Christmas is just 2-months round the corner (And we know how fast time flies.)... Isn't it time to give ourselves a treat?

Or treats? :D


Wednesday, October 22, 2014


In September, Lacoste launched LACOSTE L!VE for our leading men. Energy and creativity are bottled in this fragrance as notes of lime and green leaves. It attracts the creative spirits, inspiring them in every aspect of their lives.

The flacon also tells the Lacoste story, that is edgy, strong and playful.

  • Edgy: This clean and minimalist cube offers a smart and edgy container for the dynamic fragrance within. Its contemporary primary colours provide a base for creative minds to build upon as they visualize all possibilities.
  • Strong: The bold design, with a subtle play of materials, draws a unique and instantly recognizable envelope for this fragrance.
  • Playful: The six sides of the cube give the opportunity to see things differently depending on the perspective. It pushes people to go and see beyond the obvious, to be surprised and energized. Just like the fragrance.

The dynamic of LACOSTE L!VE comes in 40ml ($70) and 100ml ($117). It also comes in deodorant stick ($37) and deodorant aero ($37).

P.S.: Leaving you with the very creative TVC for LACOSTE L!VE. :D


Sunday, October 19, 2014

REVIEW: Aesop's Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum and Fabulous Face Oil

Aesop has been in Singapore for the longest time... I think it first opened in Ngee Ann City? I remember looking at the apothecary-like store from the outside and wanting just about everything. Solely because of the packaging. But I never stepped into their store until last December (Too many brands to discover, and only one face. *exasperated look*). And after about an hour, came out all happy and poor with 2 pretty bottles. I got the Aesop Oil Free Facial Hydrating Serum and the Aesop Fabulous Face Oil. These 2 make up my morning routine for most part of this year.

Aesop Oil Free Hydrating Serum is a lightweight serum for combination, oily or troubled skin. It is a bottle of Vitamins B and C, botanical extracts and antioxidant-rich ingredients, steeped in an Aloe Vera base. An alternative to cream-based moisturizers, it helps to soften our skin, leaving it smooth with a matte finish.

Aesop Fabulous Face Oil contains 9 carefully selected botanical extracts that hydrates and balances our skin. It detoxifies patchy skin, imparting a smooth and matte finish.

Each morning, I mix 5 drops of the Oil Free Hydrating Serum with 1-3 drops of the Fabulous Face Oil. I apply it to my face in circular motions and wait for it to sink into my skin completely before applying my makeup (I take this time to blow dry my hair. :D). Upon application, it feels a little sticky because of the Aloe Vera base. But it sinks into the skin pretty quickly, leaving a smooth, comfortable and rather matte complexion. Foundation goes on seamlessly.

I have combination skin and I find that these 2 work great for my oily areas. My T-zone begins the day matte and at the end of the day, it's just a tad oily. However, my inner cheeks tend to dry out towards the day and there will be a little bit of flaking. :\ Where zits are concerned, I don't see any difference; I still break out (I'm treating this as a sign of youth. *two thumbs up*).

One thing that I really like is that the Oil Free Hydrating Serum has Aloe Vera as its base and yet it doesn't leave any sticky residue. Some nights, I like to slather Jorubi's Aloe Vera Gel all over my face but it gets incredibly sticky and uncomfortable, and it gets all over my pillow. So this makes a great substitute, albeit an expensive one. :\

I have been playing around with other oils, so it's very unlikely that I'll repurchase these 2. Maybe the serum, but definitely not the oil because it was pretty normal for me. :\ I think they will be more beneficial for those with oily and troubled skin. But that's not to say that I'll stop exploring Aesop. I really want to try the Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste because apparently, it leaves your skin soft as a baby's bottom. Mmhmm.


Monday, October 6, 2014

LOOKBOOK: Checkered Casual

Topshop checkered shirt and tank top, Espirit shorts

Since transiting into work full-time, weekends have become my lazy days. Well, not previously because I was trying to squeeze in so many activities like more work, ballet (which I quit and I really miss. ): ) and piano. I felt like I needed to grab every free time that I had to do something that I always wanted to do. Otherwise, I would just degenerate. But then, I realized that that left me with no rest. And weekends, which are meant for recharging oneself, became more draining than the weekdays because I was running all over the East and Central. Everything carried forward and I felt more haggard than someone who just started work should. Also, I had no time for friends (I'm SO SORRY.).

Now that I have freed up some commitments and I'm just left with one more big assignment, I think I have become a complete sloth (It has only been 3 days, really. But it feels like forever.); watching 'Friends' all day, flopping about like a dead fish on the brother's bed, drinking tons of water to offset the guilt from not exercising (Even though, I finished a bag and a half of chips while drinking water. But I did hit the gym last Thursday though!), surfing aimlessly and buying the most unnecessary things ever (like Rodin Oil. Gawd. It'd better be gold. *cries*)... It's like I can only swing between the extremes. I never rest in-between. Help. Moderation is the key to all things.

Anyway, I apologize. I digressed. So much. As I was saying, weekends have become the days when I dress seriously down. I'm usually in shorts and my swallows tee. But I've some dates to come and I thought I pull out some casual dressy wear. Whatever that means. Haha. (You can totally tell that my brain has shut down. At 12.43 pm. It has only been half a day. *buries head*) This checkered Topshop top was bought when my age still had a '1' in front of it (Sure miss those days when responsibilities were bite-sized.). I really love checkered tops but it's pretty difficult to find one that has the right colours. Some are too red, some are too blue... But this! Even though it isn't cheery, it has the 'farm' feel to it. Haha. I haven't found a nicer looking checkered top so I'm never throwing this out.

I think I just wasted 2 minutes of your life with this? Haha. But thank you, if you are reading this. (: Have a Magnificent Monday (while I go pull myself out of this rut.)!

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