Wednesday, October 22, 2014


In September, Lacoste launched LACOSTE L!VE for our leading men. Energy and creativity are bottled in this fragrance as notes of lime and green leaves. It attracts the creative spirits, inspiring them in every aspect of their lives.

The flacon also tells the Lacoste story, that is edgy, strong and playful.

  • Edgy: This clean and minimalist cube offers a smart and edgy container for the dynamic fragrance within. Its contemporary primary colours provide a base for creative minds to build upon as they visualize all possibilities.
  • Strong: The bold design, with a subtle play of materials, draws a unique and instantly recognizable envelope for this fragrance.
  • Playful: The six sides of the cube give the opportunity to see things differently depending on the perspective. It pushes people to go and see beyond the obvious, to be surprised and energized. Just like the fragrance.

The dynamic of LACOSTE L!VE comes in 40ml ($70) and 100ml ($117). It also comes in deodorant stick ($37) and deodorant aero ($37).

P.S.: Leaving you with the very creative TVC for LACOSTE L!VE. :D


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