Monday, October 6, 2014

LOOKBOOK: Checkered Casual

Topshop checkered shirt and tank top, Espirit shorts

Since transiting into work full-time, weekends have become my lazy days. Well, not previously because I was trying to squeeze in so many activities like more work, ballet (which I quit and I really miss. ): ) and piano. I felt like I needed to grab every free time that I had to do something that I always wanted to do. Otherwise, I would just degenerate. But then, I realized that that left me with no rest. And weekends, which are meant for recharging oneself, became more draining than the weekdays because I was running all over the East and Central. Everything carried forward and I felt more haggard than someone who just started work should. Also, I had no time for friends (I'm SO SORRY.).

Now that I have freed up some commitments and I'm just left with one more big assignment, I think I have become a complete sloth (It has only been 3 days, really. But it feels like forever.); watching 'Friends' all day, flopping about like a dead fish on the brother's bed, drinking tons of water to offset the guilt from not exercising (Even though, I finished a bag and a half of chips while drinking water. But I did hit the gym last Thursday though!), surfing aimlessly and buying the most unnecessary things ever (like Rodin Oil. Gawd. It'd better be gold. *cries*)... It's like I can only swing between the extremes. I never rest in-between. Help. Moderation is the key to all things.

Anyway, I apologize. I digressed. So much. As I was saying, weekends have become the days when I dress seriously down. I'm usually in shorts and my swallows tee. But I've some dates to come and I thought I pull out some casual dressy wear. Whatever that means. Haha. (You can totally tell that my brain has shut down. At 12.43 pm. It has only been half a day. *buries head*) This checkered Topshop top was bought when my age still had a '1' in front of it (Sure miss those days when responsibilities were bite-sized.). I really love checkered tops but it's pretty difficult to find one that has the right colours. Some are too red, some are too blue... But this! Even though it isn't cheery, it has the 'farm' feel to it. Haha. I haven't found a nicer looking checkered top so I'm never throwing this out.

I think I just wasted 2 minutes of your life with this? Haha. But thank you, if you are reading this. (: Have a Magnificent Monday (while I go pull myself out of this rut.)!


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