Monday, November 17, 2014

SPOTTED: This Christmas, I wish upon a star.

And... We are just 13 days away from one of my 2 favourite months of the year (The other being August, bien sûr!). I don't know about you, but I feel like time slips past us faster as we grow older. I distinctly remember sitting on the classroom floor in primary school, looking at the date on the chalkboard and slowly counting down to the year end. It took for-ever and it felt so painful. But now, it's like I'm trying to hold on to every single minute that I have. I want to fill my time with things that I have always wanted to do but didn't, because, well, life and procrastination. Heh. Oh yeah. And money too. It's sooooo good to have an income!

Next year, I really want to take up makeup courses and one school that I have been looking at is Make Up For Ever Academy. I very nearly joined one last year, but the schedule wasn't too good for me. Also, it's really expensive. So while I save up for the course(s), let me take a look at things that are cheaper, i.e. Make Up For Ever products. HAHA. What? I need to get acquainted with my future school!

One product that I really want to own is the Rouge Artist Lip Palette. I know palettes can get really messy, especially in Singapore's infamously hot and humid weather (It has been raining a lot though. I hate being wet but the cool air... AHHH!), but they just make so much sense. It's so difficult to just buy ONE lipstick at like, $30?!? And I can't just use one shade until the entire lipstick is gone (Who finishes a lipstick?!?). Okay, I can but I don't want to because lip colours are a form of self-expression, ha (The justifications that a beauty junkie can come up with...). Palettes are compact, they are convenient and they give you choices... At like what, half the price? *beams*

Anyway, here are my top 4 picks from Make Up For Ever that I would like to try this year:


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