Thursday, December 11, 2014

WWW: Christmas loving for Every Friend

And we are just 3 weeks away from my favourite holiday of the year. It isn't just 25th that I'm looking forward to; I also enjoy the entire build-up to this holiday. The intricate Christmas decorations that adorn the malls, the fairy lights that dress the trees, the joyful songs that fill the air… And not forgetting, the thought and care that go into preparing gifts for our loved ones.

But the weather has been erratic, there are crowds to beat, there's year-end closing to deal with and some of us just really don't want to leave the comfort of our homes. Thankfully we have the internet and hence, online shopping (#bestthingtobeinventedever).

Here are some Christmas gift ideas for 5 friends which you probably have:

  1. For the beauty guru:

    Smashbox Click You're It Holiday Eye Palette, $26.00

    Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System, $35.90

    There's no such thing as 'too much makeup'. For the friend who loves dolling up, a new eyeshadow palette is always welcomed, especially one from Smashbox. The Smashbox Click You're It Holiday Eye Palette, $26.00 includes 15 buttery soft and fine-textured eyeshadows and 5 creamy eyeliners. Novice makeup artists will definitely appreciate the accompanying 3 tutorial cards that teach you how to create 6 different and easy looks.

    With all the coming late-night partying and alcohol, it will be wise to start caring for the skin a little more now. The Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System, $35.90 combines exfoliating crystals and microvibrations to give you firmer, younger-looking and more refined skin, just like a newborn baby's!

  2. For the book lover:

    Moby Dick (5x7") Journal, $35.90

    OOP Library Card Denim Tote, $39.90

    For the friend who loves books more than anything else, it will be perfect to get her a journal for her to pen down all her favourite phrases and sentences. The Moby Dick (5x7") Journal, $35.90 is book-cloth wrapped and has 300 'micro-text' lined pages for all her scribbling and doodlings. Pair it with the fitting OOP Library Card Denim Tote, $39.90 so that she can easily carry her books wherever she goes.

  3. For the Instagrammer:

    Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Black, $79.80

    Gold Instax Mini Album for Instax Mini Films, $7.50

    You can always find a friend who Instagram-s everything. She takes several shots to get the perfect one and then, spends the next couple of minutes finding the perfect filter. But some memories are meant to be tangible and to come with all their beautiful flaws. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Black, $79.80 allows you to capture memories in pocket-sized cards which you can scribble on, create a photo collage on your bedroom wall or house in the pretty Gold Instax Mini Album for Instax Mini Films, $7.50. Flip through it when you're 60 and have a good laugh at all the silly but memorable moments.

  4. For the fashionista:

    Double Straps Plain Playsuit in Black, $31.90

    YSL Wristlet – Pink, $12.90

    Then there's the friend who is always well-dressed for every event and ahead of fashion trends. Well, this Christmas, get her the Double Straps Plain Playsuit in Black, $31.90 to replace her favourite LBD. It’s a little playful, very classy and affirms her fashionista status. The YSL Wristlet – Pink, $12.90 will make sure that she further stands out from the crowd.

  5. For the Gordon Ramsey wannabe:

    Morries 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker MS-301SBM, $49.90

    Stylux Salad Maker, Food Processor LH-FP157, $47.90

    Finally, we have the friend who watches Masterchef 24/7 and wants to marry Gordon Ramsey. The Morries 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker MS-301SBM, $49.90 allows her to start the day with a hearty, Ramsey-approved breakfast. It comes with a 5L electronic over toaster (For crisp slices of bread.), a coffee maker (Arabica beans only please.) and a Teflon coated frying plate (Bacon is compulsory.).

    For lunch and dinner, she will find the Stylux Salad Maker, Food Processor LH-FP157, $47.90 very handy. It's a multi-purpose chopper with 5 stainless steel blades that can easily grates, shreds and slices just about anything; fruits, vegetables, cheeses, chocolates, nuts etc. Most importantly, it is easy to clean.


Now, for the fun part (After all, giving is better than receiving! :D)! Online shopping websites are a dime a dozen. What makes one stand out is the variety of items and the customer service. So here's introducing Lazada. Lazada is Southeast Asia's biggest online shopping mall, with operations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and very recently, our sunny little Singapore!

Purchasing from Lazada is as easy as ABC! Let me take you through the process as I order a watch for the brother:

  • Step 1: After registering an account, browse through Lazada for the perfect gifts. Lazada is stocked with an unimaginable variety of items; from beauty to gadgets to home décor, you name it, they have it!

  • Step 2: Once you have decided on your item, click on 'Buy Now'. This puts your item in your shopping cart!

  • Step 3: When you are done shopping (Probably took a while, didn't it? Heh.), click on 'Proceed to Checkout' and start filling in your details.

  • Step 4: Select your payment method and click on 'Place Your Order'!

And you are done! :DDD The delivery can take between 2-4 business days for local sellers or 5-14 business days for overseas sellers. While waiting, you can check the status of your order here!

Alrighty, I hope this post has been helpful for you. Before I end, here's a little Christmas something from me to you! Happy shopping! :D


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