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REVIEW: December's BlackBox

If you haven't already seen, I became a BlackBox influencer last December. Really appreciate the opportunity, so big thank you to Melle and Zoe for roping me in! :D

Now, what exactly is BlackBox?

There are so many brands and products coming out all the time, promising to do this and that. Beauty junkies like me will want to 'catch 'em all' but we often need to purchase them in full sizes, even when we aren't certain if they would work out for us. So here, is where BlackBox comes in! BlackBox offers samples of the latest brands and products, so that we can try them out first before making commitments of any sort. It is basically the quintessential lifestyle kit for you to get a taste of everything at pocket-friendly prices; $5.90 for 4 samples or $9.90 for 9 samples, which you can pick!

Here's what I received last month:

Tahpre's Everyday Mask
What it is: This 5-in-1 treatment silk mask is 100% essence base of aronia extract essence, antioxidants, anthocyanin, Vitamin B and Vitamin C. Formulated for everyday use, it helps to moisturize, whiten, maintain your skin's elasticity and replenish nutrients.

What I think: I'm always a little wary when using new skincare products, especially when it's from brands I have never heard of. I mean, I get excited and all but you know, I have only one face which is made compulsory by biology to show it to the world. Heh. I tried googling this brand and ummm, didn't find much. But I really like is that it's free from parabens, artifical preservatives, artificial dyes, artificial perfumes and mineral oils.

Anyway, it was with a lot of caution that I placed this mask on my face and I was constantly trying to feel for any stinging because I have sensitive skin. But it was so comfy that I only remembered I had it on when my Anime finished. Haha. When I took it off, my skin was hydrated and looked brighter and clearer, with a visible reduction in redness around my nose and my cheeks. I have only used this thrice, so I can't vouch for its long-term effects. BUT it does make a pretty good everyday mask!

Klarity's Lasertox CC Miracle White Lotion
What it is: This lotion helps to restore your natural beauty with diamond powder sans stickiness and oily shine. It also contains wild rosehip extract to help prolong your skin's youthfulness. It comes with a sunscreen factor of SPF30 PA++.

What I think: This lotion is highly raved by local beauty bloggers and I was quite eager to try it. It comes out white, so it will instantly brighten any complexion when you have it on. I have pretty fair skin, so it blends right in and doesn't look too jarring. It's works great as a base; lightweight, feels like a second skin and provides a smooth canvas for foundation to go on. I'm trying to use less makeup, so I use this alone with some concealer if need be. I haven't experienced any irritations but in Singapore's weather, I still apply some mattifying powder over it.

Avalon's NaturBeauty Skin Whitening
What it is: This packet contains little sachets that help to promote skin whitening and moisturize your skin from inside out in 28 days. Clinically proven, it helps reduce 85% of melanin production, blocks 67% of UV rays and provides up to 8X more water absorption capacity.

What I think: I have a sweet tooth, so this really makes my taste buds go into a frenzy! Unlike other supplements I have tried, this can actually be eaten straight from the convenient slim sachets. However, it's a little tough spotting effects from oral supplements for me because I'm not very regular with them. Also, even though I really like the taste, I think it can be a little too sweet for everyday consumption.

Ladrome's Purifying Herbal tea with Tangerine
What I think: Being a creature of habit, I rarely stray from green tea. So this was a refreshing change. Haha. I love the tangy tangerine (HAHA.) notes because it really perks you up. Works great as a way to start or end work!

Omical's Real Organic Calcium Tablets
What it is: This organic calcium helps promote strong and healthy bones and teeth in one small tablet.

What I think: I'm lactose-intolerant, so I don't drink milk very often. I do understand the importance of calcium because I live with my Gran. So yeah, it's great that I have these tablets as an alternative source of calcium and they are really convenient, especially when work gets busy (I take a couple of supplements every morning!)

Dr+Nu:ell's BB Cream SPF30 Triple Action (not pictured)
What it is: This B.B. cream contains polyglutamic acid from Korean natto beans to moisturize skin, radish root ferment filtrate to purify skin, arbutin for whitening and adenosine for anti-wrinkle effects. It leaves your skin supple, helathy and naturally radiant.

What I think: I received this separately from the rest, hence no photo. I was really looking forward to its arrival because... B.B. creams excite me? HAHA. I mean, there's something so 'alluring' about multi-functional products, no? #crazybeautyjunkiehere Okay, anyway, this comes out as a light beige, but it does darken after a while to match my skin tone. It dries to a matte finish and sits very light and comfortably on my skin. It hides redness but spots will probably need some help from a concealer. Also, you will still need a mattifying powder in our unforgiving weather!


And I'm finally done! I know I can get pretty long-winded. I mean, even when it comes to Math, my secondary school teacher told me I'm long-winded. Like whut, okay. Haha. Anyway, if you're going to purchase a BlackBox, key in BBXCJ10 for a 10% discount! :D Alrighty, TGIF!


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