Thursday, January 15, 2015

REVIEW: Trilogy's Mineral Radiance Mask and Blemish Control Gel

Last December, I received Trilogy's Mineral Radiance Mask and Blemish Control Gel from the kind people at Fusion Cosmetics. Thank you so much! This is a brand that I always see in Watsons and is prominently displayed in Beauty by Nature. I haven't bought it yet though, because I have an entire shelf worth of new products... BUT Trilogy will definitely be on my beauty radar from now on. Those two products you see up there, MAJOR LOVE.

Trilogy's Mineral Radiance Mask
What it is: A luxuriantly-textured, creamy clay mask formulated to deeply cleanse the skin, drawing out impurities and absorbing excess sebum. Revitalizing, energizing and purifying, this rich blend of botanicals leaves the skin soft, smooth and radiant. Ingredients include kaolin clay for deep cleansing and instant radiance, evening primrose oil and certified organic rosehip oils for nourishment and hydration, and native New Zealand pohutakawa and other carefully selected botanical extracts for their toning, soothing and regeneration properties.

What I think: I love this way too much! I have combination, sensitive skin (The recommended usage is once or twice a month for dry/ dehydrated skin and once a week for oily skin.) but sometimes, I use this like twice a week? Haha. After cleansing, I put on some toner and then, apply a thin layer all over my skin. I usually let it sit for about half an hour (The recommended duration is 5 - 10 minutes. I know, such a rebel. HAHA.) because I will be doing things. But it doesn't dry out my skin in the least bit! My skin always looks so clean and clear after each masking session, SO GOOD! It keeps blackheads and zits at bay and because it's so chock-full of bontanicals, it's really relaxing and calming!

Here's a tip from me: When washing the mask off, it can be a little difficult. After all, it has kaolin clay in it. What I do is to have some water in my palms and basically just rub in circular motions, so that the mask become a cleanser of some sort! It makes washing a whole lot easier. :D

Trilogy's Blemish Control Gel
What it is: This certified natural gel formulation is a powerful and concentrated treatment for zits. It contains salicylic acid to help clear congestion, lemongrass and mandarin for their antibacterial properties, cucumber to cool and soothe, ginger to help reduce inflammation and certified organic rosehip oil to help repair skin.

What I think: For on-the-spot treatment, I have tried a gazillion and I swear by these 3 products. I really don't stray from them and never ever bother to read, buy or pick any other in whatever beauty stores that I 'accidentally' find myself in. I just don't think I can find anything that's more effective than the golden 3. So imagine my surprise when this killed a burgeoning 'volcano' the other day! Said volcano was one of those spots that you know is going to be so darn painful, lasts like forever and there will be no white head to annihilate... But just a dab of this for one night, and it was reduced to 'Bukit Merah' (A small hill in Singapore. Heh.), TOO GOOD!

Will I repurchase these 2 when I empty them? Hell yeah!

Trilogy's Mineral Radiance Mask and Blemish Control Gel retail for $58 and $48 respectively and can be found in all Beauty by Nature outlets and selected John Little stores.


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