Monday, January 12, 2015


It has been a pretty long while since I last checked in here. ごめんね!The last 2 weeks of December was spent cramming Japanese because I decided to take up classes again (My 4th and final attempt!). I'll probably be journalling it either here or over at my (very dead) Tumblr, so as to keep my interest going. Especially in the face of confusingly difficult grammar. がんばって!

Anyway, back to one of the 2 main focuses of this blog - fashion, shoes in particular. I'm not really a shoes person because I really like unblistered feet. Heh. But I still do look at shoes because they can be oh so pretty! Also, as we ladies are very aware of, shoes can make or break an outfit. One rich source of shoe-spiration which we can look to for advice is, of course, the very bold and experimental K-pop industry. And we are in luck because homegrown Mitju just started offering designs similar to what our K-pop princesses don on their feet.

Here are 5 different styles of chic shoes for ladies:

  1. Jessica's casual, ladylike look
    Former Girls Generation's Jessica goes for the sophisticated model-off-duty style with the tee-and-jeans combo, paired with a tweed jacket. Capped ballet flats are a classic and give off a girlish look. Here's a pair with a Chanel-ish quilted design from Mitju:

  2. Hyoyeon's sporty look
    There are so many days when we just want to be comfy, especially in Singapore's unforgivable weather. I love red shoes (Prolly because of Dorothy from 'The Wizard of Oz' film.) and I like how Hyoyeon matched her red striped top with red sneakers. Here's a red nautical pair from Mitju:

  3. Krystal edgy's look
    Unlike her sister Jessica who goes for a more mature and womanly look, f(x)'s youngest member, Krystal, opts for an edgier and darker style. She works a pair of brown loafers with printed skinny jeans and a dark grey jacket over a black T-shirt. Here's an unstated teal pair from Mitju:

  4. Victoria's sexy look
    The outgoing leader of f(x), Victoria, exudes strength and femininity in every outfit. She shows off her incredibly toned legs in a pair of black wedges. Here's a grey embellished pair from Mitju:

  5. Seohyun's menswear inspired look
    The youngest member of Girls Generation is usually seen in girlish dresses and skirts. However, she veers away from her usual style by opting for menswear-inspired pants and shoes. She still manages to keep things feminine with a bright red blouse and coat. Here's a sleek, stylish and still feminine pair from Mitju:

Which K-pop princess's style are you a fan of? And which Mitju designs do you like? :D


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