Monday, February 16, 2015

ATM: Spending my V-Day with some Dolce Floral Drops

It is the clarity of dawn.
It is the delicate scent of freshly picked white flowers, still wet with dew.
It is the crispness of Neroli leaves that accompany and enhance their aroma.
It is the echo of laughter from your beloved and the light trail of her perfume that triggers the memory.
It is Dolce Floral Drops, the new fragrance by Dolce&Gabbana.

This April, Dolce&Gabbana will be launching Dolce Flora Drops Eau de Toilette. The first flanker of the original Dolce Eau de Parfum, this fragrance is lighter and a little more crisp - very much like freshly picked flowers, but still retains the signature scent of the White Amaryllis.

Dolce Floral Drops is housed in a vintage-looking, misty green flacon that takes the unique shape of Dolce; thick glassed with curved lines for a contemporary feel, topped with a flower that is specially crafted to portray the marzipan sculptures seen in traditional Sicilian confectioners. A thin, black grosgrain bow sits around the neck to represent the classic white shirts and bow-ties that walked the early runway shows of Dolce&Gabbana. Last but not least, the word 'Dolce' is penned lovingly in the style of Domenico Dolce's father.

Top Notes
Light scents that are detected immediately upon application. Forms your first impression. Lively and crisp green opening of Neroli leaves and Papaya Flower that enriches the character of the fragrance and defines its freshness right from the start.

Middle Notes
Scents that emerge just before the top notes departs. Masks initial unpleasant impression of base notes, which improves with time. A harmonious combination of White Amaryllis, White Daffodil and White Water Lily.

Base Notes
Rich and deep scents that emerge before the middle notes departs. Brings depth and solidity to the fragrance. The floral signature is counterbalanced by a base of warm Musky notes, Cashmeran and Sandalwood.

This year, my V-Day was... Unexpected. It started out very homely (I'd like to think that this was how single Taylor Swift would spend her V-Day. Minus the coolness and Karlie Kloss. HAHA.) and ended on a note of fear, which quickly turned into many 'Aww...'s. Haha. Probably the strangest V-Day I ever had and ever will have.

My rather mundane V-Day started with a 4-hour attempt at making Tokyo Banana for my colleagues. 'Attempt' because this time, the oven decided to 'play punk' with me by baking only the top half of the sponge cake (Yes, blame the defenseless machine.). But the brother mentioned that the banana cream filing was better this time round, so yay! :D Practised the piano a little, studied Japanese (Planning to take JLPT N5 this July!) and ended the night with some drawing and painting. The girl in the orange striped top is a replica of one of @papercrownluvsu and @riflepaperco stationery pieces, which I really love and obviously failed to do any justice to it. But I'll keep practising so がんばって!And of course, I had Dolce Flora Drops accompanying me throughout the day. Yes, I do spritz a little perfume on at home sometimes. Just to, you know, feel a tad classy. Heh. (:

Then, this really 'frightening' thing happened. At around 11pm, right when everyone was about to retire, the doorbell started ringing like crazy. And I was really scared because it happened before - this burly dude, with all his luggage, told us that he was given our address to reside in. He did go away but of course, my imagination ran wild and I was thinking of murderers and kidnappers and... I basically fill my brain with too much thriller stuff. Anyway, back to the original story, it kept ringing and I went down with Dad and was like "Dad, don't open the door and let anyone in." (Like my Dad, who made me, didn't know better. -_-|||).

I stayed far away trying to make out the ominous shadow behind the door, as Dad opened it. And... Standing there was my cousin, JH, with a huge luggage. So I thought he fought with someone at home and decided to take refuge in our house but nope! Out of the corner, popped up the sister who was grinning away like a Cheshire cat. She just traveled 16 hours from Dublin so that she could spend Chinese New Year with the family! <333

Best V-Day present ever, but I was really scared for my family for a moment. Heh.


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