Wednesday, March 18, 2015

ATM: Little Innisfree

Innisfree's one of my top brands this year. I'm not declaring my undying love for every product, but there are some that really stand out for me. These little ones up there are what I received as GWP and I have been having fun using them. (:

  • Apple Juicy Deep Cleansing Foam: I LOVE the Apple Juicy Lip & Eye Remover and was actually quite eager to use this when I finished my HABA one. This is supposed to go deep into your pores to remove all yucky debris, so that your skin is as radiant as the surface of polished apples. It smells really pleasant, but that's all. Just a very simple cleanser, that leaves my skin feeling a tad tight but it isn't so drying that it leaves my skin flaky.

  • Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam: This contains Jeju green tea, which helps retain the skin's moisture whilst cleansing. Unlike the previous one, this doesn't leave my skin feeling dry but it isn't very hydrating either. And because of the green tea scent, it's quite refreshing. But... Still a very simple cleanser. Nothing stellar.

  • Orchid Eye Cream: Enriched with Jeju orchid, this deeply hydrates your sensitive eye area so that you look youthful. This cream is rather heavy but it does hydrate the skin around my eyes very nicely. Haven't had any new milia seeds and I wake up with even-looking eyelids. Also, no residual greasy feeling!

  • Orchid Enriched Cream: When I first read about the cream here last year, I quickly made a trip down to Innisfree. Unfortunately, it wasn't launched yet. But wait, I did and boy, do I love this! This is an anti-ageing cream that helps smooth, firm, brighten, nourish and tighten pores. It is heavy, so I use this only at night. It leaves my skin very hydrated and incredibly smooth and bouncy. Take note that this has silicone, which I don't really mind. So... I totally ordered a full-sized tub from Cosmetic Love and it arrived today. HEE. :D

  • Orchid Massage Cream: This cream is meant to be cleaned off with a tissue, hot towel or lukewarm water. This is hydrating, but I still like the Orchid Enriched Cream better because it gives more 'bounce' to my skin. Also, I don't think the whole massage thing really made any difference for me.

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