Sunday, April 12, 2015

REVIEW: Skinfood's Moisture Egg Hair Pack

Though it was only recently that I started using Korean beauty brands 'seriously', Skinfood has always a brand that I trust. The few products that I have used thus far worked well for me and I do gush over them quite a bit to my friends (HEH.). And the latest product that has got me all excited is the Skinfood Moisture Egg Hair Mask.

The Skinfood Moisture Egg Hair Mask is a hair mask that contains protein-rich egg extract, and vitamins. It nourishes hair that has been damaged by chemicals and heat, so that it becomes healthy and resilient. After shampooing, I apply the mask on the bottom half of my hair for slightly more than the stipulated timing of 5 minutes. Sometimes, I apply this on dry hair half an hour before I shower. Haha. I'm not exactly sure how much more effective the 2nd method is, but it's something that I do with all my conditioners and hair masks. Heh.

After washing and air-drying, my hair feels airy and stronger, and it stays that way for a day or two. Unlike other hair masks that I have used, this seems to give my hair some volume and hence, some 'life'. Haha. Also, it makes my hair smells like yummy custard (Don't worry, it isn't that strong!). :D I'm halfway into my tube and actually placed an order for 2 more last night, because Cosmetic Love is having a Skinfood sale now.

Have you tried this or any other Skinfood hair care products? (:


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