Saturday, April 4, 2015

SPOTTED: The Versatile Maxi

Maxi dresses have always been associated with the hippie culture, when the free-loving girls of the seventies popularised the full-length, flowy dresses that reflected their innate uninhibitedness. Made of lightweight material and often teamed with sandals and loose and wavy beach hair, maxi dresses have withstood the test of time and is now part of a modern, casual attire.

Celebrities are also often seen in maxi dresses in their downtime - some even turning up for events in them! If that isn't a testament to how versatile the maxi dress is, then what is? (: And with maxi dress options aplenty these days, especially online, it's only a matter of which celebrity look we should steal.

Here are 5 celebs you might want to consider!

  1. Lauren Conrad
    After leaving her reality TV show 'The Hills', the celebrity fashion designer continues sharing her style tips with us. Here, she pairs a turquoise ombre maxi dress with her trademark wavy blonde hair and sunny smile. Against her healthy California tan, the dress evokes all kinds of urges to hit the beach. If only we could do something about that length, though.

  2. Nicole Richie
    A boho-chic list cannot be complete without Nicole Richie. The celebrity designer showed up at the Neiman Marcus Fashion Showcase in a red floral maxi dress by Kate Winter. Her sleek gold jewellery - which matches the shade of her hair - not only enhances the colour of her dress, but it also makes it look more formal for the event. Love the braid detail on the crown of her head too!

  3. Bella Thorne
    Colour-blocking is everywhere now. Here, doe-eyed actress Bella Thorne dons a Shoshanna Mabrey maxi in this fresh, perk-me-up combination of orange and pink. By keeping accessories to a minimum - only a simple, golf bracelet - she allows the dress to take centre stage. And why wouldn't you? It's a stunning dress!

  4. Jessica Alba
    From the premieres to the playground, Jessica Alba always keeps things fresh and relaxed yet glamorous with bright pops of colour, in comfortable cuts. Here, she does a quick coffee run in an orange maxi with a white sleeveless blouse thrown over. Her turquoise shades, messy bun and white cross-body purse keeps the outfit fuss-free and fun.

  5. Megan Fox
    Since this is Megan Fox we're talking about, she doesn't have to reveal too much skin to look stunning. Even in a plain ochre maxi dress, the brunette beauty looks completely show-stopping. The only signs that she was going for a dinner date are the towering stiletto heels and statement jewellery - chunky bronze cuff and green jewel pendant.

Are you into the maxi dress trend? Which celeb look is your favourite? :D


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