Saturday, July 18, 2015

REVIEW: ZO Skin Health's Offects Exfoliating Polish

This year, I have been plagued with a serious case of blackheads. It could have been because of all my late nights but I had also been wearing a lot of BB creams. And apparently, liquid sunscreens and anything that contains them can clog pores for some people too. 'Tragically', I'm one of those 'some people'. I do still sneak on some of my beloved Dr. Jart+ and Missha (When I want to feel suuuper 'pretty'.), but on most days, I'm a gel-sunscreen-powder-foundi kinda girl. Anyway, to wage a war with all those pesky blackheads, I got the ZO Skin Health's Offects Exfoliating Polish from Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade).

Formulated for all skin types, ZO Skin Health's Offects Exfoliating Polish contains ultra-fine magnesium crystals that exfoliates dead skin cells, increases cell turnover, improves skin texture and promotes healthy circulation. Vitamins A, C, E and C-Esters are also added to provide antioxidant benefits to help strengthen the skin barrier function.

For the past few months, I have been using this sporadically because it's really expensive, I really like it and am trying very hard to prolong the little tub that I have. Haha. Heh.

After cleansing, I scoop out a pea-sized amount and apply it onto my face in gentle, circular motions. My skin feels like it's being cleaned thoroughly but because the scrub's so fine, it's such a comfortable experience. My sensitive face doesn't go the least bit red! After washing it off, my skin looks clear, isn't dry and feels crazy soft. I slather on moisturizer after that (Maybe, some lotion or serum first, if I feel like it. I'm really quite irregular with the in-betweens. :\) and it seems to sink in a lot easier and faster than when I don't use the scrub. Also, this smells like clean ocean. *blissful look*

The biggest reason why I'm in love with this is that I have a lot less blackheads now. My nose is still a breeding ground for them (Just as it has been for the past 103428035 years.), but the blackheads are less prominent. And previously, I was having a lot of blackheads on my forehead which I didn't use to have before. They aren't gone completely, but I'm happy to report that there's a visible reduction now. :DDD


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