Friday, August 7, 2015

EMPTIES: July's goodbyes

Honeycé's Moisture Repair Shampoo
What it is: Made in Japan, this shampoo contains 8 different types of honey sourced from all over the world (Manuka Honey, Raspberry Honey, Clover Honey, Rosemary Honey, Orange Honey, Lemon Honey, Acacia Honey and Blueberry Honey), organic oils (Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil) and Keratin to repair hair damage.

What I think: My hair has returned to its original state - big, poofy and frizzy. This shampoo kept my hair cleaned, smelled pretty nice and was decently moisturizing. There wasn't really a need to follow up with a conditioner.

Now Foods Solutions' Avocado Oil
What I think: I was trying to save my Innisfree makeup remover when I decided to break into this. And it did such a splendid job of removing every hint of makeup. Even my stubborn-for-very-good-reasons Japanese mascara conceded. *victory sign* Also, it left my skin looking really clear after each wash. Favourite makeup remover from here on.

Phyto's Phyto 9 Ultra-Dry Hair Nourishing Day Cream With 9 Plants
What it is: This lightweight leave-in conditioner is formulated with 9 plant extracts to hydrate, smooth and protect medium-to-coarse, dry hair from environmental stressors and split ends. It is free from sulfates and phthalates.

What I think: I bought this because Fel said that this made her hair super smooth and she couldn't stop touching it when we were out. Umm... I thought it was only okay for me. Hahaha. It was just like any other leave-in conditioner and didn't leave any significant impression. I like that it was pretty light though.

Salcura's DermaSpray (Intensive)
What it is: This everyday moisturizing spray is made for those who are prone to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea and dry skin. It is 98% natural, contains no steroids or harsh chemicals and nourishes the skin, while effectively breaking the itch-scratch cycle. It is formulated with Sea Buckthorn for nourishment and cell regeneration, Lavender to calm and balance and Rosemary for its for its ability to support collagen development and eliminate free radicals.

What I think: I apply this whenever I get really stressed and the eczema on my back flares up. It really helps to reduce the itch and I am so in love with the minty, Eucalyptus scent. Heh. But I don't think this is very moisturizing so I do still apply moisturizer. Also, the spray nozzle on my bottle is faulty. :\ But yes, I will buy this again and again. Until my eczema goes away. And we all know that it won't. Ever. Big sigh. So thank you, for this. :D

Phyto's Phytolisse Ultra-Glossing Finishing Serum
What it is: A finishing serum that instantly calms flyway and tames frizz so that hair looks sleek, smooth and healthy, with a sublime shine. It is free from sulfates and parabens.

What I think: Again, this was only okay for me. Hahaha. I really like Phyto's shampoos and conditioners, but somehow their leave-ins don't really work for me. This is lightweight though, but it didn't really tame my frizz. #toounrulyforya

Innisfree's Apple Juicy Emulsion Lip & Eye Remover
What I think: I LOVE(d) this so much when I first used a sample of it. It removed my eye makeup so cleanly that I promptly ordered the full-sized bottle online. Only to find out that our local stores sell them cheaper (Whut whut. Ikr. Do your research.). I still love this but I love my Avocado Oil more *points above*, just because that's natural and this, well, isn't. But yes, Innisfree has some really awesome products.

Bioderma Sensibio Mask
What it is: This soft and creamy mask moisturizes and soothes intensely, provides lasting comfort, restores skin's radiance and guarantees optimum tolerance.

What I think: This mask actually stung a little whenever I had it on, so I won't repurchase it. But it did moisturize my skin very nicely and left it feeling smooth like tofu.

A'Pieu Essential Source Snail Cream
What I think: I bought this because it's a favourite of Alice from W2Beauty. I really like the gel texture but it didn't work for me. My skin still felt dry when I had this on. :\ And it was quite expensive...

Escada's Especially Escada and Especially Escada Elixir
What I think: These scents are my absolute favourites. I really like the light rose notes in them and they smell feminine without being overpowering. Will totally make this MY scent when I finish my current stash.

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