Sunday, June 19, 2016

SPOTTED: SK-II Dream Again Pop Up @One Raffles Place

I used to be quite a bit of a perfectionist, and would only pick battles that I could win because I didn't want to deal with failure. So, many little dreams were dropped along the way here. Now that I am a little older and time is slipping by really fast, I realise that I don't want to go away not having done the things that I want to. It seems a bit of a waste and a little silly now to give up things just because I'm scared I won't be good at it. I wouldn't know if I don't try and even if I do fail, all I need to do is to work harder. After all, it's the journey to success that moulds us, no?

What do your dreams mean to you? Are you living yours? Come June 21st, SK-II has a special surprise in store for you at One Raffles Place! It will be from 11am to 4pm and hint, kids like the super adorable one above will be there. #changedestiny #dreamagain #skii

Don't forget to drop by, especially if you're in that area! :D


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

REVIEW: Weleda's Skin Food

Very recently, my skin went through a period of dry spell. My face crinkled like paper when I smiled and my skin was breaking out and peeling like crazy. This usually happens when I have flu and am losing a lot of fluids. So even though I'm always getting stuff from iHerb which I really don't need (Heh.), I was really thankful that I carted out Weleda's Skin Food.

Formulated with nature's goodness, Weleda's Skin Food is a remedy for dry and rough skin on the face and body. It contains extracts of Viola, Chamomile and Calendula, which were all traditionally used to soothe and repair skin. And Into the Gloss called it the La Mer dupe. Yes, this is the reason why I bought this. :D

Texture-wise, this is thick and creamy like really good yoghurt... Which also means that it's not quite suitable as a daily moisturiser for most of us in Singapore (Which is not in China, btw.). But if your skin decides to turn into a desert, then yes. This is 'La Mer'. This is magic.

I basically spammed this at night, leaving two off-white streaks across my cheeks where drought was the worst. But of course, I went easy during the day. My skin drank this up quickly and within a week, the crinkling and peeling disappeared. Now that my skin is okay, I use just a tiny bit because well, given the formula, too much does indeed clog pores. :\ BUT I'm still keeping this by my side because #ageing #matureskin. Heh.

Weleda's Skin Food retails at $20 and can be found here on iHerb.

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