Monday, July 4, 2016

ATM: Dealing with Hair Loss

Earlier this year, I had quite a bit on my plate and started dropping a lot of hair. I do drop more hair during stressful periods but I had never woken up to a pillow covered in hair strands. Yes, it was crazy frightening and it only compounded the stress I was going under. Gosh, I hope I never go through anything like that again. *shudders*

Anyway, I told some friends about it and I realised that hair loss is actually quite a common problem. For some people, bald spots start developing and for others, it's general hair loss. Mine was the latter and I visited both Chinese and Western doctors. Both doctors said that I didn't have enough blood so my body wasn't absorbing nutrients. It was distributing blood to the more important organs, so things like hair and nails were left out. The Chinese doctor prescribed medicine that 补血, while the Western doctor gave me iron tablets and vitamins (Consultation and supplements cost me 90 friggin' bucks. *curses*). Yes, I took both at the same time since the latter was just vitamins (Did check with the Chinese doctor first.). I also bought a couple of hair tonics to drown my scalp in.

So... Did the above work??? Yep, I'm back to dropping my usual amounts which I don't even notice so yay! :DDD *jumps and throws imaginary flowers around* (:

Here are the 2 main products I used during that period and am still using:

  • Yohmo Tonic
    This was recommended by a shop assistant at a Chinese Medical Hall which I happened to pass by. It smells like a warm, kind grandfather who just came out of a shower... Lol! It's flowery and I really have no idea how to describe the scent. It's okay but it isn't something that I would wear in the day because it's rather strong. And grandfather-y. Lol! I don't know why but that word just pops into my head every time I smell it. Lol. Anyway, this has quite a number of raving reviews online and yeah, I think this did help my hair grow quite a bit. I was dropping baby hair too (Never, in all of the XX years of my life. )': ), but not anymore. In fact, I have new ones sprouting out! :D
  • Country Life's Maxi-Hair
    This was given to me by the Western doctor. I can't remember how much it was but iHerb stocks this too. It has B Vitamins and Biotin, among many others. I didn't experience any adverse reactions to this and it helped curb the hair loss and boost hair growth for me. Anyway, it's just vitamins that are also good for the nails and skin. Haven't seen any improvements in those departments yet but I'll be carrying on with this for a while.


  1. hi Charlene, could i ask where you purchased the Yohmo Tonic? many thanks.

    1. Hi! I got it from a Chinese Medical Hall. Most stores should have this for under $20. ◡̈


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