Tuesday, December 27, 2016

REVIEW: Kustie's Body Exfoliating Jam - Rose

I love travel-sized items just because they look so cute, so there was a stage when I kept buying Kustie's Shower & Bath Gels. They are so, so pretty with all the (actual) flower petals floating inside them. Practically a fairy when I bathe in them. Haha. For those who don't know, Kustie is formulated in France and it uses 9 unique filtering technologies to select fresh flowers and create high quality skincare out of them. Their products are all infused with flower essences and of course, speckled generously with real petals.

I recently added the Kustie Body Exfoliating Jam in Bulgarian Rose to my shower routine. This exfoliating scrub comes with soft plant granules and of course, rose petals that exfoliate away dead skin cells gently. It promises the whitening and softening of your skin. While I haven't noticed any whitening effect, I like that the granules, though big, are gentle enough to not irritate my occasional eczema patches. My skin is left feeling soft and all prepped for moisturisers. And because there is so much rose goodness in it, every shower smells heavenly which relaxes me before bedtime. This also comes in Japanese Cherry Blossom which I will get if I can tear myself away from rose scents. Heh.

Kustie Body Exfoliating Jam is priced at $16.90 and can be found on Suzanni Beaute and in aLT@BHG and selected Watsons stores.


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