Thursday, April 20, 2017

WWW: Shopping with Ezbuy

I have known about Ezbuy for a long time now, but it was only late last year when I started doing a lot of my online shopping on this platform. And I have been very, very happy. ٩(^‿^)۶ Hahaha. There are many things we want that can be bought for a lot cheaper on Taobao but it isn't exactly an easy task navigating the website because it's all in Mandarin (Sorry 老师!). While I can still search for the things I want (Thank goodness!) and get a brief idea of what the reviews are saying, going through the buying process would be a whole different (horror) story.

Enter Ezbuy, or otherwise known as hassle-free Taobao shopping. \(^-^)/ All you need to do is to add your items to your Ezbuy cart, check out, and Ezbuy will do the rest for you. Yes, including communicating with the Taobao sellers in Mandarin. How awesome is that! And it doesn't just end here. This service provided by Ezbuy comes with inspection to ensure that your items are correctly bought and not defective, and aftersales support.

For those who are concerned about hidden shipping fees, well, fret not! All costs, including shipping fees, are reflected on the Ezbuy checkout page. So you get to decide if you're comfortable with the shipping fees before purchasing. Absolutely no unwanted surprises when your items arrive! :D

Here's a quick tutorial on how to shop on Ezbuy:

See the orange search box at the top right-hand corner? You can search for a particular category of items or just copy off the link from Taobao! Alternatively, check out Ezbuy's specially curated menu of the latest trends.

Psst, Ezbuy just launched their own Korea Marketplace! Get all your K-beauty needs there!

Here's a tip: If you need more info about you item options, just place your cursor on top of the images. A little text box will appear!

Right at the bottom bar is where you will see the total shipping fees for all the items you have selected.

When your items have arrived, Ezbuy has 4 different ways to get them to you; neighbourhood collection, MRT collection, warehouse collection and home delivery. It is so convenient!

Once you have placed your order, you can check the status of it under 'My Account > My Order'.

Just for the month of April, all Ezbuy shoppers will enjoy all these value-added services. Do also check out Ezbuy Prime service where you can enjoy unlimited shipping at only $2.99. Also, just for you, dear readers, sign up for an account now and get a complimentary SGD10 shopping voucher by using this link No minimum spending is required to redeem it. :D

Alrighty, I hope this post has been useful for you. ◡̈ Stay tuned for the next one where I'll show you my recent loot!


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