Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The Minimalism Project: 2018 Edition

The first time Dad increased my pocket money, 7-year old me went straight to the bookshop and spent it all on star-shaped stickers to give to Dad because... I really didn't need them? Lol. What even. Anyway, ever since then, I have just been spending money away. It was a way of relieving stress for me (Think: Retail BS therapy.) but then, I was spending on things which, again, I didn't need. Also, I'm a massive hoarder because 'just in case'. So, for the year 2018, I'm going to really make an attempt to cut out the frivolities in my life. It's a little ambitious for me to go on a year of no shopping. Hence, I'll be embarking on two little 'projects' here on my blog.

Beauty products make a large part of the furniture in my room, so naturally there's The Minimalism Project I: Beauty Expenses which will be a complete record of my sins. It's going to be a single entry which I'll keep updating whenever I buy a beauty product, whether it's a replacement or a new fixture.

And because I have bought way too many clothes to just throw them away and be Marie Kondo, The Minimalism Project II: Something 'New' Every Week will feature a piece of clothing which I have been saving for that (elusive) one special day. ( ಠ◡ಠ )

Wish me luck! x


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Keeping it clear with Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control & Blemish Clear Mask

Reddit loves Naruko and hence, I love Naruko. Lol. No, I actually tested several products before pledging my undying love for said brand (Again. Used to really love it and then, I got distracted.). One of which is the Tea Tree Shine Control & Blemish Clear Mask. This mask contains activated carbon to help control sebum production, maintains oil-water balance in skin and prevents acne. I was initially apprehensive about it because it contains fragrance and I try to avoid it as much as possible. But there were just too many Asian Beauty Redditors raving about this and so, I got a box. And then, another box. Then, 2 more boxes... *grins*

I put this on right after cleansing my face. Sometimes, I add a little Face Renewal Miracle Essence just because some people feel that your skin absorbs better when it's a little damp. The fit is almost right for my face, though a wee bit short on the nose flap. And then, I Netflix (STRANGER THINGS IS SO GOOD. HOMAIGAWD. Steve Harrington ♥.). Instructions say to keep it on for 5 to 10 minutes but being a rebel, I leave it on until it starts to feel dry.

When I take the mask off, my skin looks super fair and clear. Redness from blemishes, on my more sensitive inner cheeks and at the sides of my nose is reduced. And it stays that way. You know how some masks only have an instant effect, like for-the-moment kind of thing. Well, this, this goes beyond that. I feel like it's a treatment, rather than a quick perk-me-up. Will definitely keep repurchasing this! ♥


Friday, December 15, 2017

Exfoliating with IDS Facial Scrub

There was quite a lot of hype around IDS (Innovative Dermatological Solutions) a while back so I got curious and decided to try the facial scrub, which is very well-received online. But it seems like the brand underwent a revamp and what I have above is the old version. I'm not sure if it's just packaging but here's a review anyways.

I got the IDS Facial Scrub last August and I have been using it on and off ever since. It is still SGD62 for a 50ml tube, which is pretty pricey but you just need a pinch of it. After showering, I apply this to my face in gentle, circular motions. The beads are very fine and it heats up a little as you scrub. My skin is left feeling very smooth and soft once I wash it off... But this is also the case with other scrubs. I didn't notice any visible changes in my complexion.

I won't be repurchasing this because there are more pocket-friendly alternatives that give me the same effect but this is still a brand that I would continue to explore (Like the Lyco-White! So tempting but so expensive too. :\).


Thursday, December 14, 2017

KonMari-ing My Beauty Stash

My room is literally littered with beauty products. And though I have made several attempts to reduce my stash, they are still pretty much everywhere because #consumerism. Lol. As some of you might know, I have been trying extremely hard to be a minimalist this year. So for a while now, I have sort of adopted the 'no buying, only replace' strategy where I try (again, extremely hard) not to buy new products, to use up what I have and only to replace those that I really love. It has been 80 52% successful? Lol. ಥ_ಥ

Anyway, here are some products which I have finished or stopped using in the past couple of months that I was MIA-ing here. :\

For hair

  • Earth Science Olive & Avocado Deep Conditioning Hair Masque
    With a 4.5 rating across 984 reviews on, I expected this to really transform my hair into a blanket of silk or something to that effect. But nope, this was so incredibly normal. In fact, it wasn't as effective as my usual conditioner from Tsubaki.

  • Tsubaki Head Spa Massage Spa Mask
    I discovered Tsubaki during my JC days and since then, I have been using it. Of course, I do dabble in other brands but I always have Tsubaki shampoos and conditioners under my sink. The above is my second tube. I always use this when my scalp and hair need some TLC and it always delivers. Always. ♥

For face

  • Annasalbe Ace Acne Cream
    I got this when I was in Japan earlier this year. According to MUA, this is a sulphur-based acne cream and it is the best I have tried since Eryacne. It is so effective in drying the heck out of pimples/ acne, whether they are just threatening to appear or have already reared their ugly heads. Definitely stocking up on this the next time I go Japan! ♥

  • Naruko Face Renewal Miracle Essence
    Okay, this, THIS, is my holy grail. I have used 1.5 bottles in the last 6 months (Please take note that I do spam it quite a bit when I'm happy. And then, this makes me happier so I spam it even more. (ؑ‷ᵕؑ̇‷)◞✧ ). It plumped my skin with moisture and made it feel so incredibly healthy that I got compliments on my skin. And you need to know that that hardly ever happens in my life. Even my facial therapist commented that my skin was good. But anyway, I decided to go Europe and my skin's a little messed up from the cold and flu now, so the texture of the inner cheeks is a little rough. But but, it's getting better day by day with this (And my trusty Aveeno moisturizer!)! ♥♥♥

  • Rodin Olio Lusso Face Oil
    Oh gawd. This is really expensive and it's actually my 2nd bottle. A few drops of this mixed into DermaVeen was very good for my dry skin in 2014. But fast forward to this year, it just stopped. Unfortunately... Or fortunately. Heh. Well, skin is always changing so *shrugs*. Really painful on the heart though. Also, the cap gets sticky in our climate like NARS packaging so that's a bit icky. :\

For body

  • Cosrx AHA 7 Whitehead Powder Liquid
    I have sensitive skin everywhere so I can't use deodorants. Instead, I use pimple solutions. It was Stridex previously but we all know that that's really quite strong and drying. Hence, I made the switch to Cosrx. This is double the price but it is also so much gentler and works just as well for me. I slather this on at night without facing any irritations, wash it off when I shower in the morning and I don't really smell throughout the day. Have already started on my backup *points above*. ◡̈ ♥

  • MooGoo Irritable Skin Balm
    I came across this brand on a mummy's forum last year while searching for remedies for my eczema and have stuck with it ever since. I was just spamming it on my back for a couple of days when I realised that hey, I wasn't itching anymore. And it has also helped Mum with her hot flushes and Gran with her dry skin. I really like that it's light, sinks into skin quickly and doesn't leave any residual layer (Which can actually add on to the whole itching situation.). Please take note that it doesn't cure eczema. It only helps you manage it better. I have recommended this to friends and well, it's pretty much YMMV but some have gotten onto the bandwagon too. You can buy this from Isetan, Kiddy Palace or place a bulk order on their Aussie website. ♥
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