Friday, December 15, 2017

Exfoliating with IDS Facial Scrub

There was quite a lot of hype around IDS (Innovative Dermatological Solutions) a while back so I got curious and decided to try the facial scrub, which is very well-received online. But it seems like the brand underwent a revamp and what I have above is the old version. I'm not sure if it's just packaging but here's a review anyways.

I got the IDS Facial Scrub last August and I have been using it on and off ever since. It is still SGD62 for a 50ml tube, which is pretty pricey but you just need a pinch of it. After showering, I apply this to my face in gentle, circular motions. The beads are very fine and it heats up a little as you scrub. My skin is left feeling very smooth and soft once I wash it off... But this is also the case with other scrubs. I didn't notice any visible changes in my complexion.

I won't be repurchasing this because there are more pocket-friendly alternatives that give me the same effect but this is still a brand that I would continue to explore (Like the Lyco-White! So tempting but so expensive too. :\).


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