Monday, February 5, 2018

Edge Fractional CO2 Laser FAQ

Even though it has been about a year since I did my Edge Fractional CO2 Laser at The Clifford Clinic, I'm still getting emails about it. And I kinda missed out on replying to some because I was busy (I'm very sorry!), so I decided to do a FAQ entry on the common questions asked. Hope it helps! ◡̈

  • How much did you pay for it?
    I paid SGD200 for the trial and bought a tube of Foban Cream at SGD8 and the Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Gel at SGD129. I can't remember if those prices included GST though.

  • Is it okay if I go for just one session?
    This really depends on your skin's condition. For me, I only went for one and I had baby-smooth, though very sensitive, skin after that. The receptionist told me she went for one every year and her skin was really good. Do consult the doctor regarding this though!

  • Did the laser cure your acne?
    I didn't go for the laser to get rid of acne. I was actually looking to get rid of my skin tags but decided to do the Edge Fractional CO2 Laser too because it promised smoother skin texture and smaller pores.

  • Was your face really red after the laser?
    Yes, yes it was. If you google for online reviews, some people only had slight redness but mine was full-on red. It was like I had a really bad sunburnt. It took slightly more than a week for the redness to reduce to a friendlier pink.

  • Was your skin sensitive after the laser?
    Yes, it was very sensitive. I mean, I have sensitive skin to begin with so this just made it even more sensitive and I ran into a bit of an eczema trouble when I went to Korea (Dry air.) a month later.

  • Did you get any breakout?
    Nope, I didn't get zits.

  • When is it allowed to apply makeup after the laser to conceal the redness?
    I'm not sure when it is allowed actually. Haha. But I wore light makeup on Day 3 and it was okay. The only thing is that you need to be extremely careful when removing the makeup. The scabs that formed are supposed to fall off naturally like how normal wounds heal. But I didn't think the water jet from the shower head would be strong enough to wash them off, so I wasn't very gentle. Lots of scabs fell off unnaturally and my face got a little raw. ಥ_ಥ

  • Other than the antiseptic cream and the thermal water spray, what else did you apply to reduce the redness?
    I did a post here!

  • How is the effect so far? Does it really help to get rid of acne scars and enlarged pores?
    Hmm... I feel that I didn't recover as well because of the whole Korea-dry-air-developed-eczema business. My skin actually looks like how it was before the laser. But I only went for one session and it was a year ago, so I can't really be a good judge on that.

  • Will you go for it again?
    No. Heh. I mean, I really love and enjoyed having baby-smooth skin for a month but my skin's just way too sensitive for invasive lasers. I don't mind going for the less invasive ones though, but they are really expensive.

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