Sunday, July 22, 2018

Catrice's Victorian Poetry Eyeshadow Palette in C01 NostalCHIC

Early in June, I was just chilling at a mall when I came across Catrice's Victorian Poetry collection. I actually didn't think much of the brand before this because I cannot work with the formula of the brand's nail polishes. I know they are two completely different categories but you know, it was just a bad impression. But this collection was so pretty with its frosty-ice-queen theme that I decided to swatch and developed a crush. ꈍ .̮ ꈍ

The eyeshadows are not buttery smooth like Urban Decay's (Well, this is a hell lot more affordable and a whole lot less guilt-inducing. Heh.) but they are of decent pigmentation and actually blend very well. I don't wear my eyeshadows with a primer and my eyelids can get pretty oily but this lasted okay for a dinner and an ice-cream. Some fading away, but still looking pretty fresh. :D

I will definitely by swatching a lot more when I pop by Guardian! ♡


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