Sunday, July 15, 2018

Dressing My Nails in Catrice's Irregular Galaxies

Was a little early for my facial the other day and so, I decided to pop by Guardian and found Catrice Spectra Light Effect Nail Lacquer in 03 Irregular Galaxies. I love blue on my nails (Prolly because of Lindsay Lohan in 'Parent Trap'. Heh.), even though it does kind of make your nails a tad yellow when you remove it but I'll worry about that later.

Catrice is a super affordable brand that is stocked exclusively at Guardian. Their collections come out pretty often. The previous collection was Victorian Poetry and I got an eyeshadow palette (Oops! Swatches are still sitting in my draft and I forgot to include it in my Minimalism Project", which is actually failing miserably. ಥ_ಥ) because the quality was so decent. It isn't buttery soft like Urban Decay but it blended well and the colours were so frosty pretty! But that's another story for another entry, so back to this.

This actually isn't the first time I tried Catrice's nail polishes. A couple years back, I got the base coat, top coat and some shimmery nail polishes but I tried them once and never used them again. The formula wasn't very smooth so it made application a challenge for me. And unfortunately, that hasn't changed. I had to do this twice before I was okay with how my nails look under different light angles (No bumps, absolute smoothness.. Okay, not absolute.). Two coats were needed and I used my favourite Innisfree base and top coats.

Was it worth the effort?

Hell yeah! Look at how pretty the colours are! (': It makes marking scripts so much more bearable! (':


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