Saturday, November 3, 2018

The Only Thing that Stopped My Itch: Dermal Therapy Anti-Itch Soothing Cream

I have been dealing with eczema for the longest time. The first time I had it was when I was in primary school and you know how hot and humid our little island can get. What started out as heat rash on the insides of my elbows developed into eczema when I couldn't stop tending to the itch. Mum took me to a very expensive Chinese doctor who gave me some cream to apply and it cleared up everything so magically that I still remember it. I actually went back to the same doctor a couple of years back to ask for that same cream but apparently, it's banned in Singapore now. Lol.

My next encounter with eczema was when I was 14 and was being officially inducted into Singapore's stressful education system. It happened on my face and it appeared in such a way that I looked like I had an extended smile. Think: Joker. I tried so so so hard not to scratch because it was on. My. Face. And thank goodness that went away when the holidays rolled in. But that encounter also sparked a long-drawn on-and-off battle with stress-induced eczema. And 101% of the times, the eczema gets worse because I tend to the itch. It usually happens in the middle of the night, when my mind is asleep but my body is awake to every itch that happens.

I really think that the way to 'cure' eczema is to stop the itch first, instead of healing the skin. So you first need to find the root of the problem. For me, it's stress-induced so I should quit my job? Hahaha. I will prolly stress out from the lack of a stable, decent income and that's even worse. Also, no PW anymore which I think takes away a large part of my stress. (ؑ‷ᵕؑ̇‷)◞✧

Anyway, when I can't manage my itch, I go to my Chinese doctor but the queues are super long so because I'm also such a beauty junkie, I'm always reading up and finding new creams to try. And I have prolly tried all the popular ones already so trust me, when I say I found the cream that stops all itch.

Meet my new best friend, Dermal Therapy Anti-Itch Soothing Cream. I saw this at Unity Pharmacy and just bought it without doing any googling because it has no steroids and like, it either didn't work like most creams or there was a 0.0000000001 probability that it might work. You can see that there was very little expectation. Haha. I applied it that night when my back started to itch. There was a minty feel which halted the itch and that was what usually creams with menthol usually did immediately upon application but unlike the others, the itch didn't come back again for the entire night. I actually slept through without once waking up to find myself scratching. Which is super duper rare. It only happens when I'm really knackered and my body is dead to everything.

(It doesn't even happen during the holidays when there's no work and hence, no stress. I don't get tired enough so I don't go into a deep sleep and again, my body is awake to every itch. Yes, my body is stupid like that.)

I have gone through 3 tubes of this (Really need to manage stress better. ಥ_ಥ) and recommended it to everyone and so far, it has worked for everyone, yay! The only 'downside' is that it's not moisturising but then again, the tube doesn't say that it would moisturise. So what I do is that I layer it on with a MooGoo moisturiser. Sometimes, I add the Dermal Therapy Skin Relief Cream but this one is a really small tube, is pretty expensive, and it doesn't seem to be more moisturising than the MooGoo one.

If you're dealing with eczema, I really, really^(infinity) recommend that you give this a try. It's SGD19.90 at Unity Pharmacy and sometimes, there's a 20% discount. Do drop me an email at if you have any questions and also, let me know if this works for you! :D


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