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Common Options for Hand Bouquet Singapore

Now that you have opted to send a beautiful hand bouquet Singapore as your gift to the celebrant, there are things that you need to know for a successful Flower Delivery Singapore. There are all sorts of flowers to choose from and the Singapore Florist offers a wide range of options for the delivery and customer services. Picking the best hand bouquet to send is more convenient and less the hassle if you know the common options available at the flower shop Singapore. Here are the things you should know before you buy flowers:

Customized Hand Bouquet
Every flower arrangement is creatively handcrafted and designed by the 24 hour florist in Singapore. However, the florist also provides options of customization for any flower arrangements and designs depending on the style you prefer or on the color or combination of flowers you want for the bouquet. This allows everyone to modify a bouquet, hamper, or basket to send as gifts.

Personalized Hand Bouquet
The florist can customize an arrangement for you but you can personalize a bouquet for the person you love. To personalize an arrangement, all you need to do is to buy fresh cut flowers from the shop and design the bouquet on your own. You can ask for ideas from the online florist Singapore or search the internet for more designs.

Large Hand Bouquets
Large bouquets are also available at the florist’s shop. One can have from 50 stems to 100 and more stems of flowers in one bouquet. For grand celebrations or for a very romantic occasion, sending your love a beautiful and extravagant large hand bouquet will surely express the message you want to convey in such a unique way.

There are also special bouquets that consist of one or single stem of flower only. This is not only a wonderful wedding bouquet but can also be a thoughtful and meaningful romantic flower gift to the most special someone in your life. Aside from Roses, other types of flowers are also ideal for this single stem hand bouquet, such as Hydrangea, Protea, Peony, Magnolia, Sunflower, Dahlia, and many more. For the best design suitable to the occasion, let the florist in Singapore help you select the flowers for this special hand bouquet.

These are among the common options for hand bouquet. The florist has a lot more to offer for Flower delivery on any occasions and events, and even on any ordinary day you feel romantic.

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